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Book prize winner announced

May 10, 2019 / admin / Uncategorized

Power, Politics and Principles: Mackenzie King and Labour, 1935-1948 by Taylor Hollanderwins$10,000 J.W. Dafoe Book Prize for 2019.


Taylor Hollander has won the 2019 John Wesley Dafoe Book Prize for Power, Politics and Principles: Mackenzie King and Labour, 1935-1948 published by the University of Toronto Press.


In making its selection from 38 submissions and a short list of 5 books, the Jury stated: “The focus of Power, Politics, and Principles is on how Canadian labour policy came to be, how it differed from American legislation, and how that difference has played out in labour activism and labour relations in Canada over the past 75 years. A lively and substantial book, thoroughly researched and more timely than its many able competitors, it completes the portrait of Mackenzie King by showing his prime-ministerial mastery in this important arena.”


The Prize will be formally awarded at the J.W. Dafoe Foundation’s Book Prize Dinner later this spring in Winnipeg.


The J.W. Dafoe Book Prize is awarded to the best book on Canada, Canadians, and/or Canada’s place in the world published in the previous calendar year.


The Prize memorializes John Wesley Dafoe, one of the most significant Canadian editors of the 20th century. In his tenure at the Manitoba Free Press, later renamed the Winnipeg Free Press, from 1901-1944, Dafoe was known for his advocacy of western development, free trade, national independence, and the Commonwealth.


The Foundation’s activities also support $10,000 fellowships for MA students pursuing international studies in conflict resolution, economics, history, international relations, law or politics at the University of Manitoba and a number of colloquia on Canada in international affairs.


For questions or further information contact:  Dr. Andrea Rounce, Honorary Secretary

Full detailed on press release here.


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