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Book Prize

The J.W. Dafoe Book Prize was inaugurated in 1984 and is given annually when there is a worthy contender. The Prize has increased in value to $12,000 for 2023, and is one of the richest book awards offered for excellent non-fiction writing about Canada, Canadians and the nation in international affairs. It now attracts about 30-40 contenders each year. Some of the winning authors: Denis Smith, Dennis & Sheila Whittacker, Jack Granatstein, Christina McCall & Steven Clarkson, Jonathan Vance, Gordon Robertson, Francis M. Carroll.

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Graduate Fellowship

John W. Dafoe Graduate Fellowships are worth $10,000 a year, non-renewable, and are offered to MA students who (want to) pursue a course of studies in International Relations, the clutch of related fields (history, economics, political studies) that drove Dafoe's ideals in Canadian national building. western development, journalism, free trade, and Canada's place in world affairs.

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The foundation supports financially, motivates and initiates gatherings of eminent figures to address subjects of world concern that deserve Canadian attention and scholarly discussion. Specially supported are matters that John W. Dafoe saw as vital to nation building. Trade, defense, the constitution, the Commonwealth, national policy and nationhood are a few of them. Principle, ethics, word-smithing all mattered and his staff particularly liked it when he took the pants off appeasers in the pre-war years.

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